Il 9 Novembre 2017 Tech Rain ha partecipato all'evento PMI Day presso il Politecnico di Milano, al Campus Bovisa. Al nostro stand, i consulenti Tech Rain hanno incontrato gli studenti e i laureati dei corsi di Ingegneria, risposto alle loro domande e raccolto i CV di chi era interessato. Se vuoi candidarti, vai alla pagina di application!

Alcune fotografie dell'evento



Persone di Tech Rain allo stand
Studenti / laureati intervistati
CV raccolti
Minuti trascorsi allo stand

On 25th October 2017 Tech Rain attended the Career Day 2017 at Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca. Through our stand, and our consultants, Tech Rain had the opportunity to meet students from all the courses, to answer their questons and to collect the CVs of potential candidates. During our company speech, our CEO answered to the Who-What-How of our job, giving a description of the ideal candidate and of the successful employee. One colleague of ours then illustrated his personal experience, giving space for a Q&A session with the 70+ students attending the speech. If you didn't manage to leave us your curriculum on that occasion and you want to do it now, please go to the apply now page! ...

On 24th October 2017 Tech Rain attended the MateDay event, organized by Politecnico di Milano's Mathematics Department. Our consultants presented our company and had the occasion to meet some Mathematical Engineering students for face-to-face interviews....